John Morrison-aka sportsbettingchamp is a SCAM ARTIST !

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John Morrison- aka sportsbetting champ has this thing he calls "The Buffet".I't can be applied to any sport.

He advertises that he pays for only professional handicappers picks for that sport- lets use NFL for an example. In his picks he also uses people and web sites that are free. Like Colin Cowherd,Chris Berman,Hank Goldberg(ESPN), Mike Francesea, Chris Russo, both radio hosts,Pro Football Weekly(website) and a few others. These are all picks that you can get for free anywhere and you dont even have to sign up for a web site.

We've been watching this guy for awhile, in his latest attempt to scam people he sent out a email saying the NBA is fixed and he knows how it is fixed. BUYER BEWARE IS IS JUST LIKE THE OTHER FAKE PROFESSIONAL HANDICAPPERS ! !


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Not resolved

This scam operation has sent me two bounced checks when I have attempted to withdraw both my original deposits and winnings from successful wagers.

To date, they have sent me two bad checks drawn on two different banks. They claim to have experience "technical problems," but I have now found similar complaints online from months ago.

They have made me jump through hoops to credit the amount of the bad checks they have written back into my account. They have yet to return one penny of more than $3100 owed to me.

These people are lying, stealing, dishonest, unethical scumbags. They claim that they have not received faxes or emails for which I have receipts.

All they ever do is ask for more time.

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